Podcast: Politics of the Dance Floor

What is the relationship between rave and resistance?
What does social justice look like on and off the dance floor?

A three-part podcast series in collaboration with Berlin’s House of the World's Cultures

Episode 1: Solidarity
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Raving is community, solidarity, contact. A club can be a safer space, especially for People of Color, Black people and LGBTQ+ people.
How do the communities bridge the pandemic void? What mechanisms of social exclusion exist even in the music scene and club culture? And what role does gentrification play?
In the first episode of the Politics of the Dance Floor podcast, Erkan Affan speaks with Yuko Asanuma, Lakuti and Jay Jay Revlon about solidarity. They discuss participation, the advantages and disadvantages of online DJ sets and why it’s always work to show solidarity with others.

“A New World is Possible” by Opashona Ghosh


Episode 2: Sustainability
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How can nightlife be designed in harmony with the earth’s finite resources? What would really be necessary to create a club experience that takes the climate and fragility of all of us into account? And how does this relate to physical pleasure? Community organiser Sarj Lynch hosts the second episode of the Politics of the Dance Floor podcast and discusses sustainability in club culture with Camille Barton, Avril Ceballos and Konstanze Meyer. They share their visions of practices that allow life to flourish: to go from greenwashing to environmental justice, from discrimination to inclusion, from marginalization to support. The motto of the hour: We’re a part of the world, let’s take care of it.

"Leap Across" by Opashona Ghosh


Episode 3: Reset
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The music industry is dominated by neoliberal structures; large corporations hold the monopoly. How can the gatekeepers’ power be redistributed? Is it possible to collectivize mainstream digital platforms? And what role do class, privilege and representation play? The third episode of the Politics of the Dance Floor podcast explores the economic aspects of club culture. The producer, performer and astrophysicist houaïda speaks with the founder of an independent communications agency Melissa Taylor, the label manager Nicky Böhm and the DJ and musicologist He Zhao about social change and the responsibility of the dance community.

“I Never Dream” by Opashona Ghosh
Besides talking about how club culture has and can become more political, responsible and sustainable, we want to build a toolbox that gives some inspiration to get active after listening to the conversations.
We ask each of our guests to share books, movies, people - anything that they feel like people should know of, when it comes to the politics of the dance floor. All these resources can be found in our toolbox.

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Politics of the Dance Floor.


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