Who are we?

We are:
Kerstin Meißner (Researcher, Music Lover)

Sarah Farina
(DJ, Producer, Activist)


Kerstin Meißner researches, teaches and works at the intersections of critical education, cultural practice and philosophy. Her research topics include belonging, power relations and social inequality.

Sarah Farina is an international DJ, producer and activist and hosts her own club night "Rec Room" with DJ Uta, Kepler and LUZ1E. She names her genre-rejecting style Rainbowbass.

Together, they have long been thinking about the possible and necessary links between academia, activism and music culture, in order to enable social justice and to co-create safe and inclusive spaces.
So they brough the on- and offline project "Transmission" beginning of 2020 to life, a networking-platform that aims at the audibility and visibility of the political relevance and history of international sound, club and rave culture.

We can create our history. You and I are creating a history right now. We should think about every conversation as a cultural and historic event.
- Alice Wong

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